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Come Join the Fun

Tax Day Ride 2007

We had a great turn out for our Tax Day ride.  Tucson to Benson for Lunch via Reddington Road. This was a great ride with no mishaps, blood or broken bones. We made it to lunch at Galleano's in Benson at 12:30.

getting ready.JPG (59429 bytes) 9:00 a.m. and we are gathering for the ride. Jeff Coleman, Preston Achilles, Kevin Muldoon, Stephanie Jamison, Steve Sheldon, Jim Strang, Jeff  and Jessie


stop along the way.JPG (57054 bytes)
A quick break along the way.
long shot.JPG (38241 bytes) A Great Long shot. my 1st gila.JPG (126357 bytes)
Jeff spotted a Gila Monster so we stopped for photos.  It is the 1st one I have seen in the wild since I arrived here in 1991.  (Photo by Jim Strang)