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Harshaw, AZ 


santacruz.gif (11902 bytes) Santa Cruz county map of ghost towns courtesy of hershaw6.jpg (164757 bytes) Paul Ford waiting on the rest of us to quit taking photos and get back to riding.  (photo by Jeff Dean)
hershaw2.jpg (93822 bytes) Great photo looking in to Mexico. (photo by Jeff Dean) hershaw1.jpg (118895 bytes) Quick stop to snap a photo of the view.  Paul ford in the foreground on his R1150GS. (photo by Jeff Dean)
hershaw4.jpg (186635 bytes) Shot of Jeff Dean's R1150GS and Jim Strang's R1100GS at a shear cliff near the Ghost town of Harshaw. (photo by Jeff dean) hershaw5.jpg (131278 bytes) Shot of two R1150GSs and one R1100GS near the ore shoot at Washington Camp, Arizona. (photo by Jeff Dean)