Arizona Adventure Riders

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25 March 2007 

We had a great time riding over Elephant Head.  Weather was perfect and the trail was tough Balf Walker, Brick Miller and Jim Strang meet at Iron Horse Motorcycles at 10 am and road to the Longhorn Grill looking for other riders.  At 11 am Jim lead us up and down the frontage road a couple of time until we found the correct road leading to the forest service road to Patagonia.  Three water crossings, several desert cars and some very loose, ruff road later we made it to Home Plate for a late lunch.

Forest Service Map of the Ride Area. IMGP0016.jpg (489042 bytes)Stop at the Long Horn before heading Out.
IMGP0019.jpg (1054819 bytes)Balf and his F650GSD with a cattle shoot in the background. (photo by Brick Miller)
IMGP0021.JPG (1148391 bytes)The BIG MAN Brick Miller and his R1200GS Adventure. (photo by Balf Walker)
IMGP0022.JPG (1265132 bytes)A quick photo break. (photo by Brick Miller) IMGP0023.JPG (1180457 bytes)Pit stop for water and the view.
IMGP0026.JPG (1246082 bytes)Jim selling Balf a nice used car. (photo by Brick Miller) IMGP0024.jpg (957431 bytes)One of the reasons we ride adventure bikes.
P1010004_edited.JPG (312030 bytes)A look back at where we have come from.
P1010010_edited.JPG (199461 bytes)Jim taking a moment to check his new skid plate for damage. (photo by Balf Walker)
P1010013.JPG (728569 bytes)Putting the bike in reverse with Brick's help. (photo by Balf Walker) P1010020.JPG (727607 bytes)Balf having too much fun when the rest of us are pooped.  (photo by Jim Strang)
P1010022_edited.JPG (61983 bytes)Brick looking good taking the last of the days three water crossings. (photo by Jim Strang) P1010023_edited.JPG (196554 bytes)Balf making everything look easy. (photo by Jim Strang)