Arizona Adventure Riders

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Come Join the Fun

1st RawHyde Adventure Rally in Death Valley 


CAR9.jpg (51714 bytes) Local Arizona Riders Mike Bartz, Mike Hoppe, Jim Strang and Michael Lansky taking a break. (photo by John Cartwright) hoppe_pass.JPG (887704 bytes) Mike Hoppe near the rally site (photo by Brian Sterret)
John_sand.JPG (308142 bytes) Dan Haft in sand.  (photo by Mike Hoppe) Brian_stream.JPG (869966 bytes) Brian Sterret cooling off. (photo by Mike Hoppe)
Brian_snow_1.JPG (416702 bytes) Brian Sterret breaking trail through the snow with his R1150GS while Mike Bartz and Phil Cutis watch. (photo by Mike Hoppe) Brian_down_snow.JPG (449158 bytes) Brian Sterret enjoying a quick break as we near the Ghost town of Cerro Gordo. (photo by Mike Hoppe)