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March 15 2009
Ides of March ride

    An "adventure ride" is scheduled For March and is open to Interested SEAT members. This Ride is designed to be suitable for Dual sport bikes in the 650cc to 1200cc range. It will travel Through some of Southeast Arizona's Most beautiful back country. Make sure to bring your camera. There will be two starting Points; one in proximity to Sierra Vista and one in Green Valley. The routes will come Together at a certain point.

    There is no entry fee and Iron Horse Motorcycles will Provide a picnic lunch at no charge to the participants. This a self guided tour and navigation will be by "route Sheets". The route is 160 - 170 miles long with two challenging Sections totaling about 25 miles. Alternate routes will be provided For those who wish to bypass The challenging sections.

If you want to participate you Must make a reservation so we Know how many lunches to provide And route sheets to print.

For those wanting to start at the Sierra Vista starting point, call Tim Zierman on (520) 458-4838  -   And for those wanting to start in Green Valley, call Pat Walsh on (520) 403-4002.


One final point, each participant is responsible for Their own safety and dealing with their own mechanical Breakdowns.